Publication: Fev 2021 
Format: pocket
ISBN: 978-2- 490852-17-8
Edition: NkD Prod

The memories' thief.

Providence is not always my best friend.



When you reach the depths of despair and you have no way to surface, it seems obvious to take the easy option like an outholding hand, whatever the intend of the helper.


And Sabine Tesser is living such an experience.


In her professional field, she was about to meet interessing people working in influent circles and thus to climb the social ladder when everything collapsed.


Then when an unknown person suggests her to swap her baddest memories against a new professional success, she accepts the deal.

After all, keeping in mind plenty painful souvenir is pointless !


But what the aim of that supposed good man ? What does he want to do with these bulky memories?