Publication: 01 mars 2019 
Pages: 340
Format: Pocket
ISBN:  978-2-9565791-7-5
Edition: NkD

Prisoner of my dreams.

Like everybody Michel dreams at night.

He lets his mind wander through the tortuous ways of his imagination and wakes up in the morning with a vague memory of his nightly jaunts.
But a day in the morning, no need to make a mental effort to remember them. His flesh bears the signs of his wildest escapes like an introduction to a strange ability.

Because Michel knows it by now.

All these more or less pink-tinted bubbles enclose people dreams and he is able to visit them. Nonetheless his curiosity turns quickly into a malefic voyeurism and then into a criminal one.

Because Michel knows it at present.

If he can visit them, he can disturb them as well and his acts have terrible consequences on people's life.