Publication: May 2019
Pages: 350
Format: Pocket
ISBN: 978-2-490852-06-2
Edition: NkD Prod

A door in the lake depth

Do not wake dead people up, especially those who do not wish to, they could invite you to share their sad fate.

Antoine Carlier fills his free time constructing compelling historical stories for eclectic writers. To respond to the need of one of them, he takes a close interest in the Celtic culture in Brittany. But the frustating results of his researches compel him to request a special access to the Richelieu-Louvois institute's archive. There he meets Chatal Guernet, in charge of managing the office and Charles Tremisse, an anthropologist with a sulphurous reputation.

His investigations confront him with medieval authors whose stories disturb his mind : what if their testimonies were auhentic ? What if legends peddled from generation to generation were based on proven facts ?