Publication: juin 2020 
Pages: 310
Format: Pocket
ISBN: 978-2- 490852-13-0
Edition: NkD Prod

Le clos de l'étang

Hatred is a snake coiled deep in the heart, ready to spit out shiftily its venom.


François Dauvillaire wanted to change his life. The acquisition of the Clos de l'Etang, a former cereal farm on the banks of the Erdre, had allowed him to satisfy his ambition.


With any doubt, the facilities had a real potential to be turned into a naturist bed and breakfast. A good way to combine business with pleasure.
Thus over time and despite the mercantile relationship, his customers had all become friends and he enjoyed seeing them regularly.


All of them?


If so, why is there a corpse in the yurt tent?


Who could have played this trick on him and for what purpose?


Moreover, why is he in the police's crosshairs?