Publication:  August 2019
Pages: 176
Format: Pocket
ISBN: 978-2-490852-00-0  
Edition: NkD

I am not sick !



The hardest part is getting started.


Confessing to my parents that my sexual preferences or orientations were quite different of their own's was a perilous exercise performed without security net.

But for me time had come to do it.

I lived so far constrained by social rules in order to appear on my best, to pretend to be in the admitted norm.

A joke !

That day I succeeded in bringing them together in the living room to confess them the truth.

I saw their knowing looks and their barely hidden little smiles. No doubt they thought their big boy was finally starting a family. It was partially true.

Just partially true...




"Love and tolerance are the only answer to the problem of life. This precept, very simple and infinitely difficult to apply, can be accepted, understood by anyone, believer or not.
This is the only way"
Anthony Burgess